In House Pharmacy

Lockerby Animal Hospital is proud to provide a wide inventory of veterinary products and pharmaceuticals to meet the needs of our animal patients.  For your convenience, we stock the following in our in house pharmacy:

  • antibiotics
  • anti-inflammatory medications for conditions such as arthritis, chronic and acute pain and allergies
  • anti-parasitic medications-intestinal worms, fleas and heartworm
  • topical medications
  • hormone replacement therapies
  • chemotherapeutics
  • ophthalmic medications
  • oral care products
  • dermatologic (skin) shampoos, ointments and supplements
  • prescription diets

We strive to stock only the highest quality products, and our team can provide guidance on the use and administration of all the medications we have in stock.  Your veterinarian is a specialist in medications for your pet.

When veterinary products are not available for your pet’s particular needs, our veterinarian can provide a prescription at a human pharmacy of your choice.  Please note that veterinary medications should never be used in humans.