Veterinary Exam

At the minimum, your furry friend should have regular checkups at least once a year. Depending on your pet’s stage of life and health issues, we’ll recommend seeing them more frequently. Veterinary exams allow us to assess your pet’s overall health and make recommendations to help your pet continue to live a long, happy life with you

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Why does my pet need a yearly checkup?

Dogs and cats age quicker than humans, so it is even more crucial for our furry friends to receive regular exams. Bringing your pet for their wellness checkup gives you peace of mind that your pet is healthy or it can allow us to detect any underlying health issues. If we are able to detect these issues in their early stages, it allows us to create a treatment plan to address them. Early detection not only decreases your pet’s medical costs but improves their prognosis. 

What diseases is my pet at risk of getting?

It can be easy to overlook the subtle changes in your pet’s behaviour, especially because they are masters at hiding when something is wrong. Some diseases don’t even show signs of illness, which is why regular checkups are essential. Common issues affecting pets, regardless of age, include: 

  • Parasite infections 
  • Skin conditions 
  • Behavioural issues 
  • Hormone disorders 
  • Dental disease

What happens during my pet’s wellness checkup?

During your pet’s visit, we start with a physical assessment to determine their external health. We will perform a diagnostic workup, which may include blood, fecal, and urine tests to check for parasites and underlying diseases. Our in-house laboratory and diagnostic technology allows us to receive quicker results. We also perform routine procedures, like dental care, vaccinations and updating their parasite control plan. To book your pet’s next wellness exam, please contact 705-522-4555.

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