Our Vision Statement

Lockerby Animal Hospital is dedicated to achieving the highest quality of life for our animal patients.

Our team provides guidance to help maximize the joy our clients get from their beloved pet and reinforces the powerful human-animal bond they experience with them.

Our team strives to exceed the expectations of our clients when it comes to the quality of services we provide, and in doing so, ensure they appreciate the dedication we have to their beloved companions and the value we place on their loyalty to our hospital.

Our team medically advocates for each patient as if they were our own and respectfully guides their families to decisions with expertise and compassion.

Our team respects our clients’ unique situations and are empathetic to their needs, at the same time never losing sight of the needs of our patients.

By providing quality care in a positive environment that celebrates and nurtures the human-animal bond, our team will succeed in creating a trusting, caring, compassionate environment for our patients and their guardians.

Acknowledging that life-long learning by all members of our team is necessary to provide this quality care, we will engage in continuing education and training with renewed energy and positivity. Lockerby Animal Hospital will strive toward an enriching and fun environment for our team to optimize their potential as professional animal health care providers.

Focusing on the joy that animals bring to our lives, and the privilege bestowed upon us to care for them, we will never lose our dedication to providing the highest quality of respectful, compassionate care for our patients and clients.