Bloodwork Services for Pets

Our veterinary hospital is outfitted with an in-house laboratory, which allows us to process diagnostic tests quickly and accurately. In addition to bloodwork, other diagnostic tests we could recommend for your pet include serum chemistry, urinalysis, thyroid testing, fecal exams and cytology. If you have questions about bloodwork, please contact our team at 705-522-4555.

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What do I need to do before my pet’s bloodwork?

Routine bloodwork is part of your furry friend’s wellness exam. Bloodwork allows us to determine your pet’s overall health and if we need to take any steps to address underlying issues. To prepare, your pet should: 

  • Gently fast, which means no food six hours before 
  • Avoid play and other high energy activities 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Stay on their leash or in their carrier to relieve stress
  • Rest well the night before 

What does bloodwork tell you?

The most common blood test we’ll run is the Complete Blood Count (CBC). This test provides us with important information about your pet’s immune system, blood count and their body’s ability to fight infection. During a wellness exam, bloodwork helps us establish a baseline of your pet’s health. We can track any abnormalities and act accordingly to address them. If your pet has an upcoming surgery, bloodwork allows us to determine how well their body will respond to the procedure as well as if there are any underlying health issues that could cause complications during surgery. If your pet has been acting out of the ordinary, bloodwork can also tell us about any underlying health issues. 

Where do you process their bloodwork?

Our in-house laboratory allows us to assess your pet’s bloodwork in a timely manner, which means we can get results back to you quickly. This is especially important during pet emergencies. Quick processing gives us the information we need to support your furry friend’s diagnostics and treatment.

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