Puppy Booster Vaccine Questionnaire

We hope you have been enjoying your time with your new puppy! Thank you for taking out the time to fill out our questionnaire prior to your appointment. This allows us to see how your puppy has been growing and it allows us to focus in on the things that really matter to you. Please feel free to call 705-522-4555 or email info@lockerbyanimalhospital.com if you have any questions.

Kennel Cough (also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis) is a highly contagious respiratory disease. Dogs commonly contract kennel cough at places where large amounts of canines congregate, such as boarding and daycare facilities, dog parks, training groups, and dog shows. Dogs can spread it to one another through airborne droplets, direct contact (e.g., touching noses), or contaminated surfaces (including water/food bowls). It’s highly treatable in most dogs but can be more severe in puppies younger than six months of age and immunocompromised dogs. Leptospirosis is an infectious disease that causes serious illness in dogs, other animals, and people. The disease is caused by spiral-shaped bacteria called leptospires that live in water or warm, wet soil. Initial signs of leptospirosis include fever, lethargy, and lack of appetite. Left untreated, it can develop into a more severe, life-threatening illness that affects the kidneys, liver, brain, lungs, and heart. Please ask our team for more information if you are unsure if these vaccines are appropriate for your pet based on their lifestyle.