Five Facts About Rabies You May Not Know

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Five Facts About Rabies You May Not Know

September 28, 2018  is World Rabies Day.  Here’s a chance to learn about rabies and how it impacts Ontario,  Sudbury and the world.  See how many facts you already know: 


  • Any mammal can contract rabies including dogs, cats and humans. Rabies is usually transmitted the saliva of an infected mammal through a bite, contact though an open wound or scratch. Even a frozen carcass can contain live rabies virus.  The rabies virus can be transmitted as soon as it gets into the saliva and up until about 10 days before symptoms begin. 

         If you are travelling with your pet to southern Ontario, it is highly recommended that you have your pet vaccinated against rabies.


  • The word rabies originates form the Latin word meaning to rave or rage. Rabies symptoms progress over weeks to months and may include a hypersensitivity to light and sound, partial paralysis, anxiety, agitation, difficulty swallowing, excessive salivation and hallucinations.  These may give the appearance of a raving or raging animal.  Once the rabies virus has established itself in the body, there is no cure. 


  • In Sudbury, Ontario it is the law that any animal bite or other animal contact that may result in rabies in persons must be reported to the Medical Officer of Health as soon as possible. Here are the steps to follow if you have been bitten.


Want to learn more?

Here is a great resource with all kinds of information about rabies.


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