Deaf Dog Awareness Week and the Amazing Eva

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This week is Deaf Dog Awareness Week and we would like to showcase a very special dog named Eva and how her amazing owners have loved and cared for her. Please read their story and watch Eva in action …no voice commands needed!

Happy Deaf Dog Awareness week everyone! When Charles and I were asked to write our story, we were honoured. Our dogs name is Eva, or because she is deaf, whatever you feel like 🙂 . Most people are shocked that Eva is trained so well when they find out she is deaf as it’s a common misconception that deaf dogs are unintelligent and untrainable. Granted, when we tried to find help on “how to train a deaf dog” it was very difficult. When looking online, we couldn’t find much about training at all. It was a learn on the job kind of training, when we learned, she learned. We’ve had her for over a year now and we are still training her to do new things everyday. Eva is very treat oriented which was a great thing for us as we were able to lure her into all her commands. When communicating with Eva, body language plays a huge role. For example, if you are trying to make her drop the cat’s toy and you have a smile on, she’s not going to drop it. But if you mean business, she’ll drop it. One of the most common questions we get is “how do you call her?” The best way we found is using a vibrating collar. She wears it when we are at the dog park, or outside the house. When we need her attention, we hit a button on the remote and the collar vibrates. Eva knows this means to find whoever has the remote. Although, because of her deafness, Eva is very attached to us and checks in quite often on her own. This is great for off leash training.

Some things that we had to get used to was Eva’s voice, and how she reacts to certain situations. Even after a year, we are still not used to Eva’s voice. She can be very vocal at times and lets out this awful scream. When she was between 6-12 weeks old, we would refer to her voice as a banshee cry. It was that bad! Some situations that are weird are thunderstorms or fireworks, she doesn’t care or notice them. She doesn’t nap like a hearing dog does, she takes around 2-3 naps a day that last 2 hours of a dead sleep. No cat naps for Eva. If you want to wake her up you have to touch her, other then that she doesn’t wake up until she’s done sleeping. This makes for a busy day as we have to keep her entertained for around 4 hours at a time. Lots of toys and treats.

We view our biggest accomplishment to be the fact that new people don’t know she is deaf until we tell them as Eva is just like any other dog and with her collar can play off leash with nothing holding her back. We wouldn’t trade her for the world. She’s our amazing deaf dog named Puppo 😉

Brittinei and Charles Mapletoft

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