Happy National Dog Day from Lockerby Animal Hospital!

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Lockerby Animal Hospital and the beautiful Nukka would like to wish everyone a Happy National Dog Day!

Here are 5 reasons why we should celebrate our canine friends:

1) Loyalty.  Our dogs make us their whole world and in most cases make it their life to make us happy.

2)  They are always happy to see you.  They say that when you have teenagers, you should get a dog so someone is happy to see you when you get home.  I suppose this depends on the teenager, but I can always guarantee a big happy tail wag from my dog when I walk through the door.

3)  Unconditional love.  Dogs will forgive you for your mistakes, bad moods and listen to all of your secrets.  They will love you no matter what.

4)  They are clowns.  Have you ever found yourself being mesmerized by watching your dog?  They are pretty funny sometimes, whether it’s chasing their tail, trying to get that cute neighbourhood dog to play with them, or running around in circles at top speed.  There is no TV, phone or iPad required for entertainment..just your dog.

5)  They are great workout partners.  Sometimes that couch is just feeling SO comfortable and then…beautiful blue or brown eyes are staring at you to go for a walk.  How can you say no?  You haul yourself up and you go out and come back feeling great, glad that you got out for some fresh air.  Thanks Fido!



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