Quality of Life and Euthanasia

At Lockerby Animal Hospital, we understand the many wonderful phases of your relationship with your pet. From puppy hood to adulthood we can help you with all aspects of their care. As they become seniors however, many health issues can arise that can make it a stressful and challenging time. Knowing that we cannot have them with us forever makes these decisions even more emotional. Age related problems such as arthritis, cancer, and diseases such as diabetes can all arise in the older pet, and fortunately, veterinary medicine has evolved to provide levels of expertise that were previously unheard of. At Lockerby Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves in educating our clients on the many treatment options available, and assist in making family decisions on your animals’ care that is right for you. By focusing on your pet’s quality of life, we are able to assist you in making decisions with their best interests at heart.

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At some point in our relationship, we may have to face the tough question of whether or not it is time to have your pet humanely euthanized. We are never quite prepared for this decision whether it is unexpected or comes at the end of a long disease process. It is indeed one of the most powerful and emotional decisions you will ever have to make. At Lockerby Animal Hospital, our staff is dedicated to guiding you through this decision making process with all the compassion and respect that you and your pet deserve.  Our comfort room offers privacy and a non-clinical environment to make the process as comfortable as possible.