Lockerby Animal Hospital is pleased to offer endoscopy services for its clients or as a referral from other veterinary hospitals in Sudbury and surrounding areas.

Lockerby Animal Hospital is one of the few veterinary clinics in Sudbury, Ontario to offer endoscopy services.  Endoscopy allows for less painful procedures and faster healing for your pet compared to conventional procedures. In some cases surgery may be avoided completely. This leads to savings in recovery time as well as less stress for the client and patient and decreased costs.

What is Endoscopy?

An endoscope inserted in the body magnifies body internal structures on a TV monitor for thorough examination. Through the same opening or through additional small incisions surgical instruments may be used for the procedure.

Endoscopy can be used to detect the presence of and remove foreign bodies and masses. Biopsies can also be performed in certain areas of the body such as the ear, nose, mouth, esophagus, stomach duodenum and colon, bladder and vaginal tract. Joints such as the hip joint, elbow joint and stifle joint may also be biopsied by our team using endoscopy.

Video imaging of the procedure is available for the client after the procedure is complete.

Advantages of Endoscopy

  • Smaller incisions are less painful and reduce recovery time
  • Minimally invasive for diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Allows for excellent visualization of internal organs
  • Simple to perform and involves few complications
  • Allows for many procedures to be safely performed as out-patient surgeries
  • Decreased recovery time and stress for patient and client
  • May lead to surgery being avoided completely
  • Decreased cost associated with decreased in-hospital time, recovery time and potential avoidance of surgery