Surgical Services

Our veterinarians provide many surgical services at our clinic, ranging from routine to advanced procedures. Because we want to ensure that our patients receive the best possible outcome, we occasionally refer them to specialists (board-certified veterinary surgeons) to perform complex operations when advanced equipment or training will be beneficial.Our veterinary team will take precautions to ensure that your pet receives a safe anesthetic. We perform a physical exam and preanesthetic testing before surgery, monitor your pet during surgery, and provide pain medication during recovery.



Cryosurgery is a relatively painless surgical procedure that uses extremely cold temperatures to remove or destroy small growths on the skin. This same procedure is used on people for growths such as warts.  As with humans, more than on treatment may be required for optimal effect.

If your pet has growths you are concerned about or would like to have removed, please Lockerby Animal Hospital at 705-522-4555 to set up an appointment.