• Dec 18 2013

    Christmas Safety Tips from our RVT team at Lockerby Animal Hospital

    Holiday Hazards – Helpful Tips to Keep your Pet Safe this Holiday Season! It is that time of year again! We all love the holiday season and that includes our…

  • Nov 22 2013

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    The Skinny on Pet Obesity

      Our pets are important to us and we want them to live long healthy lives. Feeding extra treats and free feeding have led to an ever-increasing problem of obesity…

  • Nov 13 2013

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    Stiff, Sore and Jumping No More: Joint Disease in our Pets

      Stiff, Sore and Jumping No More:  Joint Disease in our Pets As our pet’s age, we often use the phrases: “Fido is slowing down, but it’s just because he’s…

  • Nov 04 2013

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    Celebrating Seniors!

    All of us who have had the privilege of having and loving a pet, no matter the type, can reflect warmly on the names, personalities, and stories that each holds…

  • Sep 26 2013

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    Dr. Courtney Andrews-New Kid on the Block

    Greetings, Lockerby Animal Hospital Community! Let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Courtney Andrews, the most recent addition to the Lockerby Animal Hospital staff. My first experience with Lockerby Animal…