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Lockerby Animal Hospital Canada Day Hours

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Happy Canada Day everyone! 

We hope you have a nice weekend with your furry friend whatever your plans are.  Lots of great hikes in Sudbury, ON and soooo many lakes for a refreshing dip! 

Please note that Lockerby Animal Hospital will be closed on Thursday, July 2nd and Friday, July 3rd for Canada Day.  Make sure to plan ahead for any food or medications your pet may need over the long weekend by calling 705-522-4555, emailing [email protected]  to order or it’s a great chance to sign up for our webstore if you haven’t done so already  

Checklist for a safe holiday for your pet:
1) Flea and tick/internal parasite prevention if your pet goes outdoors
2) Plenty of water and cool areas
3) Yummy food such as corn cobs and bones kept out of reach
4) Any cannibis products stored safely 
5) Close supervision around water and pools-lifejackets are great!

For pet emergencies, please call 705-222-5525

Have a wonderful long weekend,
Your Lockerby Animal Hospital Team

Lockerby Animal Hospital Web Store Update

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Hi everyone,
We hoped you enjoyed that beautiful sunshine yesterday!  We are so happy that so many of you have signed up for our web store as a convenient and safe alternative for your pet’s food and supplies.  Unfortunately, due to a recent increase in shipping fees we have had to increase our free shipping to a $60 minimum per order.  You can continue to save up to 10% through manufacturer discounts on auto-orders and special promotions.  Register today at

Lockerby Animal Hospital Covid 19 update

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Hello everyone,

We hope you had a great Family Day weekend 😊   As you are aware, the Government of Ontario has announced that February 16, 2021, the area within Public Health Sudbury & Districts boundaries will be returning to the Orange Zone.   At this time, Lockerby Animal Hospital will continue with curbside medicine for your appointments, food and medication pickups.  Our exam rooms are small and with the presence of the Covid 19 variant in Northern Ontario, our team just does not feel comfortable opening up for in person visits yet.  It gets full pretty fast with a veterinarian, RVT, client, patients and equipment in the room!  We would like to thank you for your understanding and support and promise we’ll do our very best to make your visit the most efficient it can be. 

Here are some things that really help us out:

  • Make sure your contact info, especially your email and phone number, are up to date in our files. If the phone number on file will not be the best one to contact you during your appointment, please let us know. 
  • Please fill out the questionnaire attached to your appointment reminder prior to your appointment.
  • Call when you have arrived at the hospital and let us know what parking spot you are in. The number can be found on the orange sign in your spot.
  • Check our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and our website frequently for updates.

We can’t tell you enough how much your support has meant to us.  Everyone has been very kind and encouraging throughout the pandemic and we are honoured to have you as our clients. 

Your Lockerby Animal Hospital team


Update re: Ontario Government Announcement of Further Shutdown Measures

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Following the Januaray 12, 2021 announcement by the Ontario government re: further health measures, we wanted to let you know that veterinary services are still considered essential and Lockerby Animal Hospital will be open and continuing to provide curbside drop off for all appointments and surgeries. There will be no change in regular business hours at this time.  Please check our website and social media pages for updates. 

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Thank you so much to those of you who have already ordered!  You rock!  
If it’s on your list but you haven’t quite gotten to it yet, we’d be happy to take your order ASAP!  

***Please make sure you have enough food and medications for your pet 
until at least after the first week of January.*** 

We’re experiencing long delays in shipping which has resulted in lower quantities of our regular stock.  Sometimes, refrigerated items have had to be sent back and reordered.  We also want to remind you that we’ll be closed between Christmas and New Year’s and don’t expect shipping to return to normal until the first few weeks of January as every veterinary hospital will be ordering supplies at the same time. 

Our webstore is available 24/7 for orders
Please remember that all shipping is delayed (even for the webstore) due to high volumes, 
especially with the double whammy of holidays and Covid-19.