Lockerby Animal Hospital is Celebrating Specially-Abled Pets Today

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Our Lockerby Animal Hospital Pet of the Week is a very special girl! Today is #SpeciallyAbledPetsDay and we would like to honour the beautiful Bella. Here is her story told by her mom:

This is our dog Bella who has been our loving, gentle dog for the past eleven years. Unfortunately, when Bella was a year old she was hit by a car and lost the use of her front right leg because of nerve damage. We decided as a family, which includes Michael, Vanessa, Michaela, and myself, not to amputate because Bella used her affected leg for balance when running and walking up our stairs. It was the best thing we ever did for Bella and she has thrived from it adding years to her life. She loves swimming and playing with our newest addition to the family a Italian Greyhound named Rooney, she also loves saying hello to everyone who walks by our house and is known as Bella The Barker. We adore her because she’s so special.

Thank you JoJo for that amazing story. Today is a great day to celebrate your girl!

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