Halloween Pet Safety Tips from Lockerby Animal Hospital

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Happy Halloween!  We hope you have a fun-filled, spooktacular night in scaaaarrrryyyy Sudbury with your pet tonight.  Of course, we always have to remember that your dog or cat does not really understand what is going on and could lead to some troubling behaviours.  Here are some safety tips to help keep your pet safe this Halloween:

  1.  Watch For Escapees-The opening and closing of the door is a perfect opportunity for your pet to run outside unnoticed.  Keep them on a leash when the door opens or remove them to another room.  Microchipping is always a good idea in case your pet does become lost.
  2. Keep Your Chocolate and Candy Out of Reach…Especially Sugar Free Candy Sweetened with Xylitol-Most people know that chocolate is harmful to dogs and can result in anything from GI upset to death.  We have already had the calls starting to come in about pets who have enjoyed some Halloween candy even before the big night.  All chocolate should be kept in a cupboard away from pets.  What most people don’t know is that candy containing Xylitol such as sugar free gum can cause low blood sugar, seizures, liver failure or result in death in cats or dogs.  It does this by causing a massive release of insulin which seriously lowers the pets blood sugars.
  3. Keep Candles Covered-Nothing looks more fun for your pet to play with than a flickering flame.  Make sure to keep candles contained in a pumpkin or some other container out of reach.
  4. Keep the Costume Comfortable-We all love to see our pets in those adorable costumes…just make sure they are comfortable, no small pieces can be chewed off and they don’t cause undue stress for your pet.
  5. Watch Your Pet’s Stress Level-High anxiety situations for your pet can lead to behaviours that your pet has never shown before such as jumping, scratching or biting.  Obviously this is not ideal for your pet or the children who are Trick or Treating.  Try to answer the door before the door bell rings and again, remove your pet to another room if they are stressed by all the Halloween activity.

Our Lockerby Animal Hospital team hopes these tips will enable you and your pet to have a very Happy Halloween and a safe night.


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