Happy Registered Veterinary Technician Month!

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Lockerby Animal Hospital would like to thank our Registered Veterinary Technicians for their compassion, dedication and caring for all the amazing patients we see.  Many people are surprised to learn all of the roles the RVT carry out.  Here are few roles that we can relate to human medicine.  Keep in mind that in human medicine we have people who specialize in each.  The RVT does them all.

  • Phlebotomist-Taking blood from furry, squirming patients often from their jugular vein as well as starting IV catheters in those same furry legs
  • Dental Hygienist-Taking dental x-rays, cleaning, polishing teeth and assisting during dental procedures
  • Anesthetic Technician-RVT’s intubate the patient, monitor the vital signs, oxygen saturation and anesthetic levels of a patient during surgery, emergencies, scopes
  • Laboratory Technician-Running of blood samples, analysis of blood smears, urine, stool samples, analysis other cytology samples such as ear, skin, fine needle aspirates
  • Radiology Technician-X-raying of dogs and cats who are often not happy to be on their back or side as well as assisting during ultrasound to get the best diagnostic images
  • Palliative Care-Provide patients and their families with care when the pet is reaching the end of their life and during the euthanasia process
  • Pharmacy Technician-When directed by the veterinarian, the RVT dispenses medication for patients
  • Surgical Assistant-Assisting the veterinarian during surgery to ensure sterile process and the best patient outcomes
  • Appointment Assistant-Taking the patient history (from patients who don’t talk), assisting the veterinarian during the appointment, taking medical notes, educating the client
  • Cleaner-When there is mess…guess who gets to clean it up?
  • Mental Health Counsellor- A shoulder to lean on during those not so happy times when there is bad news, euthanasia, difficulty making decisions as to the direction of care and let’s face it…for the rest of the team and each other
  • Mortician- When the pet passes over the Rainbow Bridge, it is the RVT who respectfully prepares the pet for the journey

Allison, Stephanie, Darolyn, Jill, Allison and Jamie…you do all of these roles with compassion, professionalism, grace and kindness.

Thank you for all that you do.


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