Happy National Mutt Day from Lockerby Animal Hospital!

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We love big mutts and we cannot lie!  At Lockerby Animal Hospital we see some pretty amazing pets of all shapes, sizes and breeds like Zeus who is our supermodel for this post.  Thanks Zeus!

Here are some reasons why we love mutts:

1)  It feels good to adopt a mutt and you may be saving their life!  Typically, when a mutt is adopted from a rescue group or shelter, they are being saved from less than ideal circumstances.  There are so many animals looking for homes that we often recommend this as a place to start for adoption.

2)  They may be a little healthier than their purebred counterparts.  With a mixed gene pool, they may avoid some conditions that are common in pure bred dogs.  This of course, makes unexpected trips to the veterinarian for illness less too.

3)  They are unique.  There is no breeding standard for a mutt so you might get a little bit of anything and everything.  This is what makes it fun watching them grow from a puppy to see what they will turn out like.

If you own a mutt, make sure to give him or her a big hug today!  #NationalMuttDay


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